Since its establishment in 1978, JBFIC has developed from modest amount of members to its current 152 members throughout its more than 30 years of history. The association has been holding on to their core value which is to increase affability, communication, and cooperation among its members as well as protecting the members’ benefits. Besides that, JBFIC also aims to increase productivity and quality of the furniture industry while raising the standards and ensuring progression among the industry members.


Besides assisting members in government related issues, the association also organizes annual dinner function in memory of Chinese furniture history’s ancestor “Lu Ban”. The annual dinner is to remind the members to uphold the tradition of “Lu Ban” which is to expand and develop “Lu Ban’s” carpentry techniques and his spirit of respect for his work. In addition, the association also has an academic achievement prize program for the member’s child who achieves good academic results. Since establishment, the association often encourages the members to keep concern of their children academically to encourage the country’s progress and to help nurture talents for the future of the furniture industry.

From time to time, the association also organizes badminton competition, karaoke competition talks, and trips to foreign countries to explore the market and to gain more knowledge of latest advancement in the industry.

On September 2007, the association created history with its success in the annual Johor Furniture Fair held at Persada Johor with special guest MCA Johor State Deputy Chairman cum International Trade and Industry Energy, Water and Communications’ Committee Chairman, YB Tan Kok Hong to chair the opening ceremony. The exhibition which lasted 4 days attracted more than 20,000 visitors and retail sales up to RM 3 million.

The main aim of the fair was to promote the industry while creating business opportunities for the members. Today, the furniture industry’s progress and competition is not only limited to the local market but also the world market. Hence, the association and its members need to further collaborate to exchange experiences. JBFIC provides the platform and opportunity for members to display their brands and products. Besides benefitting the members, the furniture fair also provides the consumers a one stop solution for their household needs which includes bedroom accessories, kitchen utensils, household security, design options, renovation materials; wallpapers, carpets, curtains, and also electrical appliances.

Due to overwhelming response from consumers and exhibitors, the association will once again organize the fair which will be held in Persada Johor namely “Johor Furniture Fair 2008” to once again provide benefits to our exhibitors and the consumers. The 4 days fair will once again portrait professionalism and chic image, attracting more consumers and profits for exhibitors.

The two years of exhibitions has not only provided the platform for exhibitors to display their products, but also featured Fengshui Talks, product description session, interior design competition, coloring contest, best booth design competition, purchase and win contest, and also visitor lucky draw contests.

In the year 2009, JBFIC will continue to provide the platform for the furniture industry to expand, and progress by organizing the Johor Furniture Fair 2009. Additionally, the 2009 exhibition will feature a full team of service personnel to provide service to our customers and move forward in accordance to our association’s mission.